Anonymous: so you dont sext but your comfortable answering any questions related to sex?!?!

That is correct.

Anonymous: there must be one thing wrong with you. youre almost too perefect.

I sleep and eat a lot.

gorgeous-women-tumbla: everything okay beautiful!? remember love your tumblr and you!! also love the new propic you look fine af, anyways much love d.p.

I’m doing great thanks you very much☺️ I remember you as well!

chillnastynate: Hi Juliet I'm Nathan. I'm a new follower:)

Hello! Thanks for following and sorry my latest post are just me answering questions😕

Anonymous: So this is coming from a girl, how do you deal with guys that constantly ask for pictures o constantly send inapropriate pictures?

Stop messaging them or block them. Very simple darling. Or flat out tell them it bothers you. I did that once and we’re actually good friends now 😌

x-marks-the-spot-always: Hey how are you? And want to kik?

I’m good! And yea sure JulietPrice

mtlhabsfan1: Ur so sexy!

Thanks 😌

Anonymous: you can be a pornstar

Nah I’m too lazy

Anonymous: We should text sometime

Anytime! Kik: JulietPrice

Anonymous: Got a booty???

I sure hope so

Anonymous: How often do you sext on kik?

Not at all

Anonymous: i wish i can visit you in cali

There’s a lot if beautiful girls in Cali, you’d forget about me in a second.

Anonymous: what if dorky is sexy?


Anonymous: You are actually really pretty. i think i found your insta. why don't you share it??

Thanks😌 but I’d rather keep my private life, private. Not too many people know about this blog and I can’t have people trying to talk to me on my personal accounts.

Anonymous: Honestly, how many dick pics have you gotten?

Too many. GUYS LISTEN… If you want to get my attention, don’t start of the conversation with a picture of your penis. I don’t find it flattering, just talk to me please. I’m a person. Not some sex object.